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A few of my favourite things...

I actually have a very basic core of materials to create my art that I use on a daily basis. As they say it’s not what you‘ve got it’s what you do with it that counts 😂 That‘s not to say i haven’t invested in a wider range of materials and gadgets (some have become firm favourites and others lay unused!) as I’ve gone along, but the following are the materials I reach for most often and couldn’t live without.


Pencils are a must for me if I’m plotting out my composition I can easily move things around before I commit to pen. I do occasionally work straight in pen but for more complex work I use pencil outline first. Now this may surprise you but I actually am not fussed what kind of pencil I use. As I’m usually using it for placement which will later be rubbed out I don‘t need one that will give me better shading. Of course essential with a pencil is a sharpener and rubber.

Permanent black pens

Another item I couldn’t do without is permanent black pens. I do have a collection of these in different thickness depending on the look and detail I’m trying to achieve. I like the unipin pens for detail and regularly go through them usually wearing away their tiny nibs before I run out of ink 🙈

Fine paint brushes

Ok so strictly speaking these aren't much use with the materials above and I need other things to go with them (i’ll talk about which paints I use another time) but I do have a collection of really fine Ken Bromley paintbrushes in my everyday roll.


I have tried a lot of sketchbooks! Because I use different media in them and particularly coloured inks some just don’t cut it. I need the paint or ink to sit just right on the page, for them to be nice for sketching and also easy to scan pages for digitisation (so have to be able to lay open flat). So my preferred sketchbook, at the moment, is a derwent sketch and store book which is hard backed and spiral bound.

And that’s it! My day to day kit kept in a lovely pencil roll made by The Busy SeWong Room.

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